Our specialized and trained crew designs and certifies engineering projects for telecommunications towers, offering the following services:

Executive Projects for
New Towers

  • Surveying
  • Structure design: structural calculations and workshop plans
  • Fiber optic, ground and engineering plans
  • Catalogs of concepts and budgets
  • Structural real estate reports for transmission towers

Existing Towers

  • Structural survey
  • Calculations Report
  • Recommendations and plans for reinforcements
  • Verticality testing


  • Site survey
  • Blueprint project
  • As-built surveys
Key Benefits of Engineering Design
Specialized Staff
We have qualified personnel in interior network design
Quick response and Quality
We are able to begin working on projects quickly, always providing the best quality of our service
Our team offers timely responses to the requirements of our clients
Personalized Service
We develop custom made solutions for our clients with qualified staff for each of the execution areas