Fiber Optic

Our fiber construction services are focused on providing complete solutions with specialized equipment and personnel without relying on contractors or third parties.

Design Engineering

  • Existing infrastructure surveys (CFE, Telmex, among others)
  • Household stabilization
  • Digitalization of plans
  • FTTH and HFC network design
  • Connection layout design
  • As-built final and post construction documentation

Underground Construction

  • Directional drilling
  • Construction, testing and repair of pipes
  • Wiring placement
  • Complete restoration of surfaces, including asphalt and concrete
  • Scheduled or emergency repair services
  • Piping networks: micro-trench 5x40, 7x40, 10x50

Aerial Construction

  • Installation of fittings, accessories, fiber, ADSS, figure 8, and OPGW
  • Construction or location of fiber networks
  • Dismantling and removal of obsolete facilities
  • Installation of poles and special structures of any type

Construction Hookups

  • Enabling connections to receive fiber optic, either aerial or underground, in buildings and ground levels

Fiber Optic Tests and Services

  • Fusion of fiber optic joints
  • Complete fiber tests:
    • -   OTDR tests at various wavelengths
    • -   Power measurement tests
    • -   Optical Return Loss tests (ORL)
  • Documentation of network maintenance and fiber engineering allocation
Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Construction
Quick response and Quality
We are able to start working on the requested projects at the earliest time, offering exceptional quality within our service
International Construction Standards
Our services comply with international construction standards
Personalized Service
We develop custom made solutions for our clients with qualified staff for each of the execution areas
We specialize in Carrier Services
We provide Fiber Optic construction services to national and international carriers
Outstanding Operation
We exceed expectations of time and cost in the execution of our projects.