Fiber Optic

Our fiber construction services are focused on providing complete solutions with specialized equipment and personnel without relying on contractors or third parties.

Design Engineering

  • Existing infrastructure surveys (CFE, Telmex, among others)
  • Household stabilization
  • Digitalization of plans
  • FTTH and HFC network design
  • Connection layout design
  • As-built final and post construction documentation

Underground Construction

  • Directional drilling
  • Construction, testing and repair of pipes
  • Wiring placement
  • Complete restoration of surfaces, including asphalt and concrete
  • Scheduled or emergency repair services
  • Piping networks: micro-trench 5x40, 7x40, 10x50

Aerial Construction

  • Installation of fittings, accessories, fiber, ADSS, figure 8, and OPGW
  • Construction or location of fiber networks
  • Dismantling and removal of obsolete facilities
  • Installation of poles and special structures of any type

Construction Hookups

  • Enabling connections to receive fiber optic, either aerial or underground, in buildings and ground levels

Fiber Optic Tests and Services

  • Fusion of fiber optic joints
  • Complete fiber tests:
    • -   OTDR tests at various wavelengths
    • -   Power measurement tests
    • -   Optical Return Loss tests (ORL)
  • Documentation of network maintenance and fiber engineering allocation